Protect yourself. Build your own AR15 Carbine. I'll show you how.

Protect yourself. Build your own AR15 Carbine. I'll show you how.


Under Construction, but here's what I got so far.

I've outfitted my custom AR15 with Magpul products for 2 reasons.

1. They are pretty damn cool looking.
2. They are pretty damn inexpensive, with the exception of the UBR. $200+

Now lets move on to what I got. I'll list them as I acquired them.

First Magpul product was the Magpul PMAG. I over paid for it. I purchased it locally. So I over paid, and then I paid a few more bucks in Taxes.

Followed by another Magpul PMAG. This one has a window. Got it at the Gun show so I didn't get a deal after you factor in $20.00 ticket/entry price.

Magpul Trigger guard - I love it. Polymer, Light weight.. Looks great. They make one in Aluminum. I'm sure it's just as good. Just $10+ more. Before this I had the straight piece of aluminum that comes with the DPMS lower kit. I think it adds aesthetic value.

My next Magpul purchase was the Magpul Backup Iron Sights.  1st Generation.

I like it, but for another $50 you may get something better. Troy Industries has some cool BUIS, as do others. 

Then I orderd my barrell and Magpul MOE in the Carbine length.  I was too anxious and put the barrel on the upper receiver. 

Next was the Magpul MS2 Sling, but also check out the Magpul trigger guard!

Followed by Magpul MOE Handguard & Vertical Grip (MVG)

It was pretty cool. I still own it, but I like the AFG2 better and thats on the gun now.

I ordered the Magpul AFG2, Magpul 5" rail, and AFG2 at the same time.  You need the 3" of rail space to install the AFG2. I bought 5 because the AFG2 is almost 5" long and it covers up what it don't use. 

Which brings me to the Magpul MIAD Grip. I feel this grip far exceeds the standard A2 grip. It's meatier  and feels better in my hands. 

AR15 Lower Receiver