Protect yourself. Build your own AR15 Carbine. I'll show you how.

Protect yourself. Build your own AR15 Carbine. I'll show you how.

Lower receiver

Lower Receiver Parts

1. $99.99 for Stripped Aero Precision lower

2. $69.99 for DPMS AR lower receiver parts kit

3. $15.02 in Taxes on the lower receiver & Lower receiver parts kit

4. $74.89 for UTG Model 15 - 6 position Retractable Stock

5. $8 for Magpul polymer trigger guard

6. $5.00 for Rear take down spring (Bent original during installation)

Total Lower Receiver cost................................... $335.89 

  1. Stripped lower receiver.. that's a decent price even after taxes.  If you find it online for cheaper. Factor in you need a FFL License holder to transfer the gun for you. They charge on average $25 - $50
  2. Here is where I could saved some money! Purchased a parts kit online and saved some money or just buy each individual part separately and save even more. So lets just subtract $20.00 from the cost if I bought it online.    
  3. It's cheaper online plain and simple. Even with shipping and handling. If you shop around you can get free shipping
    1. Local gun stores got overhead. They got to mark it up and you got Taxes! It's like I'm being punished. I'm paying too much for it already and now add 7% on top for our Taxation without representation. Free shipping. Lower prices. Shop online. Here is a link to my shout outs blog.  It's where I've gathered my information. [Be forewarned though, It's a work in progress.]
  4. $74.89 for UTG Model 15 - 6 position Retractable Stock. It came with the buffer tube, spring, and carbine buffer. I bought this because it came with everything and I picked it up at the local Army & Navy Surplus.   It's ok.. but it rattles. I'm going to replace it with a Magpul CRT or UBR stock. So I increased the cost of my AR15 by $74.89
  5. The Magpul polymer trigger guard I feel was money well spent.  $8.00 at the gun show tax included.
  6. If you make mistakes and bend some springs. You can order online or go to a gun show. They'll have the springs, detents.. etc.. everything you need to assemble your AR15. But not necessarily the lowest price. And watch out for the shady ass dealers out to sell you crap. If you buy crap you are just increasing the cost of that item because you WILL have to buy it again. Trust me. 
  7. $30.0 Magpul MIAD  - see review on my MIAD blog.  I feel this is a excellent addition. 

Did I save any money building it myself? No. I was very impatient and in several cases I opted to buy it locally and have it today instead of ordering it online to save some money. But I know all about the lower receiver. What parts go in it. How it functions. When something breaks, I can easily diagnose the problem and repair the issue quickly (if parts are readily available)

One good thing about ordering something on line. It's like Christmas and you get to open your presents when your parts arrive!

With the Gun shows I'm sure you could find some deals if you haggle, but after the ticket price to enter, I couldn't find anything I couldn't get online for less. I had my best luck with bundling multiple items together for slight discount.

AR15 Lower Receiver